It’s a candidate’s market when it comes to hiring today in Louisiana. The question is whether you as a hiring manager understand what that means for your business.

When the labor market is tight, you have a lot more to do if you want to attract the best talent. You need to woo candidates just as you would prospective clients — and you need to do it with the best and most responsive tech, says Marianne Frazee, president and CEO of Frazee Recruiting Consultants.

Here are Frazee’s three tips for hiring the best in Louisiana’s tight job market.

Pay a Competitive Wage

It may seem obvious, but you really do get what you pay for — especially when it comes to skilled workers. If you’re lowballing candidates, that’s going to be reflected in the responses you get for your job openings, Frazee says. “Some companies try to keep corporate profits in their pockets instead of increasing wages like they should,” but this is being penny-wise and pound-foolish, she says.

Contrary to what some may believe, Frazee says, the larger cities in Louisiana aren’t cheap to live in. And the state ranks at No. 45 in the country in terms of the equal-pay gap. “If you’re not getting the kind of applications you want, make sure that you’re paying enough,” she says. “Do your own research.” The state of Louisiana website lists wages for many jobs, as do sites like Glassdoor.

Don’t Chase ‘Purple Squirrels’

Many people with excellent skills were displaced during and after the Great Recession, and companies were more than ready to snap them up. At the same time, massive downsizing meant employers expected workers to do “a little bit of everything,” including job duties that had nothing to do with their primary positions. As a result, Frazee says, hiring managers still think they can ask for the world when creating a job description.

“We call that looking for ‘purple squirrels.’ One company I worked with needed an HR manager — but they also wanted the candidate to be able operate a forklift and load product in their plant. Can you believe that?”

Focus on finding the right fit for one distinct job description and skill set.

Have a Responsive Application Process

The bottom line is that millennials — who are growing to be the largest generation with the most cutting-edge skills — want convenience. If they go to apply for your open position and get bogged down in the application process, they’re going to go somewhere else. This is also true for many members of Generation X.

“I’ve pretended to be a job applicant in order to experience what it’s like to apply for positions at some of the major corporations, and they make it so difficult,” Frazee says. “You get to a point where you just say ‘This is ridiculous. I don’t care. I’m not interested.’ The applicant gets put through a digital interrogation process that’s totally not necessary, and it turns people off.”

You have to make it easy to apply for positions within your company; otherwise the best candidates will move on quickly.

Frazee says her best advice is to have a streamlined, responsive application process that works for desktop users and, more importantly, for mobile users. (Louisiana Job Connection is built to be mobile-friendly, for example.) “If you’re looking at my website from a mobile device, you’re going to be able to see the jobs that are open, and you’re going to be able to [upload] your resume,” Frazee says. “Most candidates are using smartphones in their job searches, and if your application is not mobile-responsive, you’re going to be dead in the water.”

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