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3 Tips for Impressing an Interviewer for an Industrial Job in Louisiana

Construction JobJob interviews are stressful, but they are also your chance to really shine with an employer. If you’ve matched with a job opportunity on Louisiana Job Connection and you have an interview lined up, the prospective employer considers you at least a good fit for the job. Now you just have to show you’re the best fit.

To find out what it really takes to ace an interview for an industrial job in Louisiana, we spoke with Devin Lemoine, president of Success Labs, a Baton Rouge management consulting firm that frequently works with industrial and construction firms in the state.

Here’s what she had to say.

Show Off the Right Skills

For the top industrial jobs in Louisiana, the right technical skills are critical, Lemoine said. “They want people who can use tools and equipment as needed, as well as someone who has basic computer skills. They want people who can be hands-on in troubleshooting and problem solving to optimize plant processes.”

But it’s not enough to just be a technical whiz, she said. The soft skills are also important. “They want good interpersonal and conflict management skills to get along with co-workers and lead teams.”

And they want all of this done with safety in mind.

How to prepare: Before the interview, think of an example of a time in your career when you have demonstrated proficiency at each of these three types of skills. Be ready to succinctly tell a story that shares the challenge you faced, how you addressed it and what the outcome was.

Important Note: When you add your résumé on Louisiana Job Connection, our skills engine analyzes your previous work experience to determine your skill set compared with job requirements across industries.

Emphasize the Transferable

Many of the skills that are most highly valued right now in industrial jobs are transferrable from other fields. That means your experience in an energy job, for example, can be highly attractive to an industrial employer. You just have to frame it appropriately.

Any hands-on mechanical, craft, technical or functional skills are attractive to industrial employers, Lemoine said. “Your problem solving and troubleshooting skills will also be highly valued in manufacturing, industrial and construction environments.”

Don’t forget that sometimes your best transferable skills can actually come from outside the workplace. As you think about your transferable skills, don’t forget what you’ve learned via:

  • School experience
  • Volunteer work
  • Hobbies

How to prepare: Sit down and make a list of all of the skills you used regularly in your previous or current job. Compare them to the skills listed in the jobs you’re most interested in. (The Louisiana Job Connection algorithm performs this analysis for you automatically.)

Connect the Dots

You can’t just assume all employers will make that connection on their own. You’ll have to help them understand how your background makes you a great fit.

Start by doing your research, Lemoine said. The more you know about the company, the better you can make a connection from your experience to the available job.

You’ll also want to share your experience and accomplishments broadly and show how they apply to the industrial job you want, she noted. Did you save money? Finish projects ahead of time?

Finally, focus on connecting with the interviewer. “If they are interviewing you, they probably think you are qualified,” Lemoine said. “They are trying to figure out if they want to work with you every day. Do you fit their culture?”

How to prepare: Draw up a list of questions to ask the interviewer. Ask smart questions to show your interest and investment. Examples: What are the most important projects going on in the next six months? Who is on the team I would be working with? These types of questions, and the interviewer’s responses, give you additional chances to make a connection.

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