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Apple’s Certification for Jump Start Program is Big Tech News for Louisiana

An Introduction to Apple’s “Everyone Can Code” Platform and the Swift Programming Language

Apple launched the “Everyone Can Code” platform in late 2016. Since then, educators from Kindergarten to four-year universities have adopted it across the globe. This curriculum is free and available to anyone with an Apple iPad or laptop, and allows teachers and students to easily learn one of the best entry-level programming languages currently available: Swift has taken the mobile app development world by storm, quickly becoming the language of choice for most mobile app developers. It replaced the original programming language called Objective-C, with a much easier to learn language that looks and feels modern. Programmers that have never seen Swift code before, but know any languages like Javascript, can pick up the basics quickly.

The New Platform is Now a Part of Louisiana’s Jump Start Program

Apple’s App Development with Swift certification is now part of the Louisiana Jump Start Program where students earn industry credentials while still in high school. Jump Start pathways enable high school students to begin developing marketable skills and industry credentials through rigorous, real-life courses and work experiences mapped to labor market opportunities. Because of Jump Start, schools receive equivalent school points in state school performance evaluations when preparing students for careers in high-demand job sectors just as they do for preparing students for university admission. Students exit high school more prepared to solve real problems for real customers in real business environments with the current best practices of private industry.

 Why is this Development Important to Louisiana Job Seekers and Employers?

The majority of application programming jobs available today are less theoretical and need more of the practical application of programming tools. Like traditional tradesmen, application programming can be lucrative and can enable individuals to work for a traditional firm, or to branch out on their own. App Development with Swift provides students with just these sorts of digital trade skills. Some firms can hire students straight out of high school and offer them on-the-job training because they’ve already learned the most modern skills. In addition, the Apple program in Jump Start is also a boon for college-bound students, preparing them with foundational programming skills and specific language training. The program can essentially take someone who has never written a line of code all the way through creating a real app that is ready for the app store.

“The Apple initiative brings additional opportunities for people looking for a career path in coding and IT or at least determine if it may be a field they want to pursue,” stated Rob Wise, CEO of ITinspired. “It also offers these jobseekers a way to further set themselves apart from the competition and be more attractive talent to hire.”

If Louisiana schools begin pushing this curriculum, the state could become a major supplier of diverse talent that much of our nation is struggling to create. Louisiana students who can get these skills here at home may also be more likely to stay at home, creating a more robust workforce in our state. From an economic development standpoint, a larger talent pool will also make Louisiana more attractive to technology companies seeking to open, expand or relocate their company.

Neel Sus, CEO/Founder of Susco a New Orleans-based software company agrees that a larger talent pool of entry-level applicants with a higher skill level is a definite benefit to Louisiana’s technology industry. “Deploying apps, especially mobile apps, is very complicated and there is a steep learning code,” he stated. “To have kids coming out of high school that know Swift who can code, deploy and test apps is huge.” Sus also mentioned that the Apple program may also help bridge the gap into the technology sector for more economically disadvantaged students helping them secure a higher-wage job with the ability to advance.

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