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Be Matched in 4 Simple Steps

Get matched in 5 steps

Few things can be more frustrating or discouraging than the job search process. Your résumé disappears into a sea of applicants, and any responses from employers are either not applicable to your experience or spam. Louisiana Job Connection understands the need for a streamlined, job-matching process and provides an employment resource that is the next level in job searching.

A One-Stop Service for Job Seekers

Unlike common job boards, Louisiana Job Connection is an all-inclusive, interactive system that matches your specific skill set and work preferences with employment opportunities. Posting a résumé is made simple using the enhanced résumé portal, which provides a useful text-editing toolbar with tips for powering up your résumé. Meanwhile, gaining access and checking potential job matches can easily be done on the go with the site’s mobile-friendly interface.

Like any secure, personalized account, you’ll have to register using an email address, a secure password and security question. If you begin the process but are unable to complete your entire profile, no problem. The system will remember you by the information you’ve already entered.

Post Your Résumé – Upload or Create Manually

Once you’ve registered, you can post your résumé. You can upload a Word document or create one manually on the site. Either way, knowing in advance what you will need will save you time and allow you to tailor your information to gain the best possible results. Your preparation contains two aspects: format and content. Formatting your résumé is made easy with the résumé portal. Provided tools and tips will guide you through properly organizing the information within your résumé. As for content, the information you provide will be vital to getting quality matches. The system’s enhanced skills engine will analyze your work history, skills and certifications to match you with potential jobs seeking your particular skill set.

Tip: Louisiana Job Connection gives you the option to upload an already completed, formatted résumé. Ensure it is saved as a .doc, .docx or .txt file. Your résumé should include text only. Once you’ve uploaded this version, you can use the system’s toolbar to format it in the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), a text editing window.

When creating your résumé, be sure to include the following information:

Education – Provide details about your educational background or training. Include any degrees you’ve earned and schools you’ve attended along with your graduation dates.

Employment History – You will need specific information for each position you have held, including your title and employer, the start and end dates as well as your job duties and accomplishments. Include as much information here as possible – the skills engine will analyze this information and pull skills related to your work experience. Using these skills, you will then be matched to job postings seeking your skill set.

Skills and Certifications – This section provides choices for a number of industry-specific certifications and abilities which can be added using the system’s robust skills and certifications library. Include any professional skills you’ve acquired outside of your work experience that may still be applicable to your future career. These will be analyzed by the skills engine to match you with jobs that require your particular skills and certifications.

Tip: You can also add both professional and personal references, as well as their contact information and preferences in your Profile Tab. Professional courtesy suggests that you check with your potential references prior to including them.

Additional Information Needed to Be Matched

  • Industries and Job Functions – Once you’ve added your résumé, you can refine your work preferences by selecting up to three preferred industries and job functions that the system will take into account when creating your job matches.
  • Privacy Options – You’ll also have the opportunity to choose whether or not your profile will be visible to employers. Choosing to make your profile private will allow you to view employers you are matched with without allowing employers to view your profile and contact information, providing a more confidential job search.
  • Additional Preferences – With a few last questions, Louisiana Job Connection allows you to include additional work preferences such as minimum desired salary, willingness to travel or anticipated time frames for relocating. These preferences can help employers determine your compatibility with their company.  

Check It Twice

Once you’ve entered all your information, you can save and review your résumé. Take the time to check for:

  • SpellingThe system will underline errors or unrecognized terms in red. A right mouse click should offer spelling options. Be sure to check for misused homophones or other incorrect usages that the system’s spellcheck may overlook.
  • Grammar – Read what you’ve entered aloud — your eye might skip an error or an extra word, but reading it aloud should help to expose any discrepancies.
  • Consistency – Be sure that your information is complete and consistent, right down to ensuring a period ends every bullet.
  • Accuracy – Many seemingly talented candidates have lost job opportunities due to mistakes and half-truths. Be clear and honest about your abilities and prior work experience.

Using Your Dashboard

Once you’ve completed your Louisiana Job Connection profile, your dashboard will help you to:

  • Maintain, update and monitor your information and organize your job matches based on new and existing results.
  • Manage and evaluate your potential matches. Percentages have been removed to allow you to focus on the right job for you. Your matches will be shown in ranked order according to how well your skills and preferences correlate with employers’ job descriptions. If you’re interested, you can either save the match for later or immediately submit your résumé and cover letter.
  • View, save and respond to matches seamlessly, regardless of your location, using our enhanced mobile browsing.

Be Matched – Get the Interview. Start the Job.

Louisiana Job Connection is a full-service employment hub for those looking for jobs or searching for qualified employees. It’s simple, user-friendly and efficient. Before you know it, you’ll have a résumé posted, a dashboard full of Louisiana jobs and interviews to prepare for. Complete your profile today and let Louisiana Job Connection match you with a job that’s tailored for you.