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How to Tap Into Millennials Who Are Willing to Relocate to Louisiana for Careers

Wondering how you’re going to fill your key positions? It turns out, you may be able to look farther afield for the right people than you once thought. And they might just come to you.

Graebel, a corporate relocation services provider, found that 84 percent of millennials are willing to move for work, and 82 percent believe it will be required of them at some point.

So whether you’re in the Piney Woods or on the Gulf Coast, it’s time to open your arms wide and maybe dish up some gumbo — they’ve probably never had the good stuff before — to welcome some new hires from out-of-state.

Here are a few things you as an employer can do to facilitate those out-of-state job seekers working for your company.

Make It Easy to Find Your Jobs

The more people who see your job postings, the bigger the pool of candidates you can choose from and the greater the likelihood you find the perfect fit.

Online tools such as Louisiana Job Connection can help people find your organization with career or keyword searches, even if they haven’t heard of you before. Your job may be the thing that puts Louisiana on their map.

Social media can also help you amplify your message. Post your listings on Facebook and Twitter to gain wider reach.

Keep an Open Mind About Far-Off Candidates

Lots of employers don’t take out-of-state candidates seriously, assuming they’ll never really go through with relocating. Don’t make that assumption. Give them the benefit of the doubt, especially if they matched with you on Louisiana Job Connection. Twelve percent of Louisiana Job Connection job seekers are from out-of-state, and they know what they’re getting into. They came to a Louisiana-based website and matched with a Louisiana employer. They might have family here. They may have gone to Mardi Gras in college and have wanted to come back ever since. You never know until you take them seriously enough for a conversation.

Also, don’t assume they’d be a huge, expensive hassle even if they do want to move. The same Graebel survey found that millennials would rather just receive a stipend and then handle all the travel and housing details themselves. If you can afford to throw a little cash toward their relocation, that may be all you have to do to get the best talent to come to you.

Let Technology Assist You with Interviews

You don’t have to fly in everyone who looks promising for an interview; that would be time- and cost-prohibitive. Instead, use technology to screen candidates first. Start with a phone interview or two for long-distance potential hires.

After a couple of phone calls, you can move to video interviewing. There are dozens of formal video interview tools, such as ClearCompany, VidCruiter or SparkHire. If you don’t want to invest in a dedicated platform just yet, try Skype or FaceTime.

Once your candidate has been through some phone calls and a video interview with a few people and you’ve whittled the candidates down to the last two or three, invite them to your site for a tour and more formal, in-person interviews.

That’d be a great time to dish out the gumbo.

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