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Résumé Tips for Aspiring Managers

You feel ready to move up into a managerial role, but how do you show it? You’ll need to make the case that you’re manager material, which can be tough when you haven’t served in the role before.

We spoke with Adrienne Tom, who runs the executive résumé writing service Career Impressions, to get her expert advice on constructing your résumé for a managerial role for the first time.

Highlight Your Soft Skills

Managers need to demonstrate strategic thinking, people skills and coordination skills, all of which are qualities not learned in a classroom but through experience or personal growth. “Candidates can position themselves as management-worthy by demonstrating well-rounded soft skills in their résumé,” Tom says.

“List out specific examples of achievement in these areas,” she says. These highlights will serve as prompts for discussion during the interview, so be prepared to share details when asked.

Showcase Your Management Successes

Even though you are just now taking the steps to earn the title “manager,” chances are you have at least some experience with leadership and managing teams. Show potential employers your management success by “centering résumé content around times you hired, trained, supervised or mentored staff,” Tom says.

These experiences can provide context to potential employers regarding times you successfully managed people and how they can expect you to react within their company as a manager. Tom suggests using your résumé to offer specific details on the size of teams you have led. When you move on to the interview, you can further elaborate.

Be Specific About the Value You Bring

A manager’s role is to lead their team and bring value to the company, including in areas such as customer or revenue growth, cost savings or time savings.

Tom says to show potential employers that you can deliver results by listing examples on your résumé of times you brought value to the company. Include any quantifiable data that corresponds with your results to back up your stories and show the specific value you can bring as a manager.

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