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Simone’s Story: I am a Software Developer at CGI

New Orleans-native, Simone Mirabeau, earned an internship with CGI while still a junior at Louisiana State University. During her internship, she and other interns worked for ten weeks on an actual web application as part of the 3-5 year cultural change initiative “Front Yard Project” for the City of Lafayette. The team then presented the app to the Mayor and it was accepted.

Her advice to other students is to get as much experience as possible prior to graduation, and find your strengths to guide you to your career. There are many companies throughout the state offering real-life experience while still in a collegiate setting.

After graduation, with her degree in Computer Science and a minor in Information Technology Management, Simone permanently joined the Maintenance Team at CGI as a Software Developer. She currently works on enterprise resource planning systems and writes software for computer functions, codes, and performs test reviews.

Simone has been living in Lafayette for six months and enjoys all the beauty, music and food the city has to offer. After living in several cities in Louisiana, she says that each one has its own flavor, but she now calls Lafayette home, with its growth and abundant opportunities available for her future.

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